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Dental Implants

Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan
7 Days
Hospital Staying
3 Day
Operation Duration
1 - 2 Hour
General Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
1 Weeks -1 Month
Follow Up Visit
7 Days

Dental implants which have an undisputed success in eliminating all kinds of gaps come to the people’s rescue as a routine treatment method. Dr.Kaman Clinic team is one of the pioneers in our country in the area of contemporary implantology with its experience. 

Dr.Kaman Clinic team is one of the pioneers in our country in the area of contemporary implantology with its experience. Our implantology team equipped with experience and contemporary knowledge has proven its success in dental implants by choosing the right patient and its scientific practices.

Absence of single tooth

In case of a single tooth loss; the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth are preserved and a single implant is placed in the place of the missing tooth. In case of the absence of single tooth, the treatment which should be consider in the last place is to cut and shrink the adjacent two teeth and make a triple crown bridge prothesis. When choosing a treatment method, the most appropriate method for the patient must be chosen regardless of its duration and difficulty. Cutting the teeth may cause sensitivity and pulpal necrosis in these teeth and it may eventually lead to root canal treatment and cavities under the crowns in the later stages.

Regional absence of teeth

While traditionally prepared bridge restorations require teeth to be cut in case of partial absence of teeth, in implant practices your healthy teeth do not need to be cut or damaged.

When more than one tooth is missing inside the mouth, fixed crowns placed on dental implants are the kind of dentures which save patients from mobile dentures which can be put on and off all the time especially when jaws ending up totally toothless are in question.

Cases of complete edentation

The case where all the teeth are absent is called edentation. In such cases, there are several different treatment options. These options include mobile dentures. This type of dentures, as it can be understood by its name, move during the act of chewing and this situation is not comfortable. For patients experiencing complete edentation, the most comfortable treatment option is the dental implant treatment. In cases where a sufficient number of implants can be applied, implementation of fixed dentures is possible and these dentures do not move. The structure which can fully perform chewing, talking and aesthetics can be kept fixed inside the mouth.

Stem cell assisted implant applications

Fibrin (PRF™), rich in platelets, is an autogenous matrix obtained from platelets in the patient’s blood. The simplified procedure applied chairside ensures the production of fibrin membrane that stimulates bone and soft tissue growth. It is flexible, strong and pliable in a manner that facilitates usage, cutting and sewing. It is easily prepared chairside. It is basically prepared with a protocol involving the centrifugation of a certain amount of the patient’s blood and preparation of the obtained membrane in such a manner that it will have a fixed width and cutting it in the appropriate size. The rate of success of dental implants prepared in accordance with this protocol is increased. The problems of patients who suffer from insufficient bone and gums problems are eliminated faster.

Sedative interventions

Patient is conscious but is in a state of mild sleep. The patient follows commands. It is applied in small doses through an IV opened on the arm. This method is usually preferred in adult patients who have dental fears, patients who have excess nausea-gag reflex and patients for whom general anesthesia may be risky. In addition, it is also used in short procedures to be carried out on children.

Recovery process is quick at the end of the sedation procedure. Patient remembers nothing after the procedure. 


Implant-assisted fixed dentures

Titanium implants manufactured with high-tech have in fact eliminated many chronic problems in dentistry. Implant-assisted fixed dentures eliminate all the problems caused by mobile dentures for edentulous patients who use total dentures and provides them with great comfort.

In order to be able to make implant-assisted fixed dentures, at least 6 implants should be placed on the lower jaw and at least 6 to 8 implants on the upper jaw.

Nowadays the preferred form of treatment is the completely fixed dentures made by increasing the number of implants. Patients who get highly aesthetic dentures in the form of natural teeth also get an increased self-confidence.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants are the best solution for periodontal problems, preventive treatments not carried out in time, trauma or tooth loss at an advanced age and are generally difficult to distinguish from natural teeth. It is designed to offer aesthetic and masticatory functional benefits to patients.

Why Turkey for my dental implants?

- Firstly, the cost of having dental implants here is significantly much lower than the UK and other European countries. By following the European Community Health Standards, we offer high-quality dental treatment with the same medical standards for 70% less cost. Most of our international patients seek specialised healthcare, which may be unavailable or inadequate in their homeland, and also to avoid long waiting times and high prices.

- We use the best quality, ‘A’ Grade, dental Implants from brands in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, all of which come with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer our patients Computer Guided Implants, which require less surgery, less discomfort, and no swelling, and which do not require sutures. ‘Dr.Kaman Clinic’ has been performing Dental Implant surgery for many years. 

- Based in Istanbul, we offer a highly trained dental team, using the very latest dental technology and international standard implants for a fraction of the price.

- With everything under one roof, we are able to give high quality implant treatment in a fraction of the time offered by other clinics and other countries.

- To guarantee the patient’s satisfaction we offer implants from leading international brands.

- We offer a Life-Time Guarantee for our dental implants.

- Before treatment commences, a personal treatment plan and costing will be presented to the patient. All services, conditions and fees in that treatment plan are fixed, so whatever occurs during treatment, that costing will not change. Contact us immediately for valid payment methods and appropriate payment terms.

- If the patient has any doubts before contacting us, we direct them to our patient’s satisfaction page on our website. Here the future patient may review other international patient’s thoughts about their treatment with us.

- The patient’s dental holiday will offer plenty of time, in between dental appointments to enjoy a holiday in Istanbul and its environs.

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Total seven days;
3 Days Hospital Nights
4 Days Hotel Nights
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More Than 10 Years of Experience

Dr.Kaman Clinic has been given high quality service to patients from all over the world. Dr.Kaman Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey.

DrKaman Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for Dental Implants in Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey.

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Best Package Prices
Dr.Kaman Clinic offers the most affordable all-inclusive package prices without compromising quality principles; there will be no hidden costs coming out when you arrive.
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Dr.Kaman Clinic offers you online diagnosis spaces according to your needs where our medical teams answer all your questions and wonder for transparency and trust building.
Your reservations and appointments are planned in advance by the coordination team to ensure a smooth trip without any difficulties or troubles.
A wide variety of high-end hotels to ensure you a wonderful stay during your journey in Istanbul.
A VIP modern and comfortable car is at your service from the moment you arrive at Istanbul new Airport until the moment you leave.
Customer Care
We remain in constant contact with you before and after the operation to answer your questions and provide medical advice to ensure that you get the best possible result.
Special Group Discounts
You have a friend who also wants to have a Dental Implants in Turkey. Bring your friends and get a group booking discount!
Arrange Your Travel Plan
Dr.Kaman Clinic will accompany you starting from your first phone call or e-mail and continue assisting you with your trip to Turkey during whole process such as your arrival at the airport, visit to our hospital, until the treatment is completed and you are safely back home.

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