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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan
7 Days
Hospital Staying
3 Days
Operation Duration
1 - 2 Hour
General Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
1 Weeks - 1 Month
Follow Up Visit
7 Days
Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as "Sleeve Gastrectomy," is a transformative procedure designed to reduce stomach volume, leading to a heightened sense of fullness with smaller food portions. This surgical method involves the removal of a specific portion of the stomach, resulting in the formation of a tubular structure.

During the surgery, not only is the stomach's size reduced, but the segment responsible for secreting the hunger-stimulating hormone is also removed. As a result, patients experience a diminished sensation of hunger.

Unlike some other weight loss surgeries, gastric sleeve surgery primarily focuses on restricting food intake. Remarkably, the natural absorption of nutrients remains unaffected, eliminating the need for external vitamin or mineral supplements.

Post-surgery, patients find themselves feeling satiated with minimal food consumption, eventually transitioning from fullness to a decreased appetite. This significant reduction in total food intake contributes to the remarkable loss of 80-90% of excess weight within a few years after the procedure.

Why is Gastric Sleeve (Weight Loss Surgery) Performed ?

Gastric Sleeve Surgery stands as a powerful intervention for individuals contending with obesity and its associated health risks. In an era marked by a surge in obesity rates, negatively impacting life expectancy, surgical approaches like Gastric Sleeve have become pivotal.

This procedure is typically recommended for individuals classified as morbidly obese, where conventional methods like dieting and exercise fall short in achieving substantial weight loss. Gastric Sleeve has earned its status as one of the most sought-after Bariatric Surgeries due to its effectiveness in facilitating rapid and comfortable weight loss, allowing individuals to swiftly return to their daily lives post-surgery.

Conducted laparoscopically through small keyholes rather than opening up the abdomen, Gastric Sleeve boasts an impressively low complication rate, surpassing even the safety standards set by procedures such as Gallbladder removal.

Beyond the evident benefits of shedding excess weight, Gastric Sleeve plays a pivotal role in addressing obesity-related medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, joint pain, and sleep apnea. Additionally, it has demonstrated positive outcomes in treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), emerging as a recommended treatment option with enhanced prospects for pregnancy.

Step by Step Gastric Sleeve (Weight Loss) Surgery Process with Dr.Kaman Health Travel

 For any inquiries regarding Sleeve Gastrectomy, our dedicated patient representatives are available around the clock. Feel free to reach out to us at:

+90 534 518 9177

+44 7737 693398

2-Welcome & Transfer :

Upon your arrival at Istanbul New Airport, our seamless service begins. Following your flight, our professional driver will greet you and escort you to the hospital in our VIP transfer vehicle, ensuring a comfortable 45-minute journey.

3-Hospital Procedure:

Once you undergo initial hospitalization procedures, we initiate a series of examinations specifically tailored to Sleeve Gastrectomy. Our attentive nurses gather crucial information about your clinical history and conduct essential tests, including chest X-Ray, EKG, and blood tests. After completing check-ups and consultations with your Surgeon, Dr. İsa Kaman, and the anesthetist, you are prepared for the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure.

4- Compression Therapy :

To enhance safety and minimize the risk of thrombosis, our patients receive compression therapy a day prior to surgery. This therapeutic approach, spanning 12 hours, is complemented by breathing exercises using triflows.

5-Endoscopy Application:

An hour before surgery, patients receive antibiotics, followed by an endoscopy session. If no pathologies are detected, patients proceed directly to the operation room.

6-Surgery Procedure:

The pivotal moment arrives as the surgery begins, typically lasting one to one and a half hours. While Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries include the placement of a drain to facilitate leak tests post-surgery, more complex procedures like gastric bypass may extend the duration.


Following a successful surgery, patients undergo observation in the hospital for a specified period. Mobilization occurs four hours post-surgery. In the initial 24 hours, patients abstain from food and beverages to minimize acute leaks. After this period, a leak test with a blue liquid is performed. A negative result, indicated by the absence of blue liquid in the drain, signals clearance for patients to start consuming water, juice, and soup.

8-Staying At the Hotel:

Patients remain in the hospital for three days post-surgery. After thorough examinations, they transition to our hotels. Daily visits from our doctors, accompanied by translators, ensure comprehensive care. Our patient coordinators remain accessible 24/7 to address any needs or concerns.

Conditions for Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery:

The determination of a patient's eligibility for Gastric Sleeve is carefully assessed by our experienced Bariatric Team. Here are some key qualifying criteria considered:

Body Mass Index (BMI):

A Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 30 is a primary requirement. Alternatively, individuals with obesity-related conditions may also qualify.

COVID-19 Testing:

Patients must not have tested positive for Covid within the month leading up to the scheduled surgery. This precautionary measure ensures the safety of both the patient and the medical team.

Absence of Active Infection:

Individuals undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery must not have an active infection at the time of the procedure. This precaution is crucial for a successful and complication-free surgery.

No Acid Reflux from Hiatal Hernia:

Patients should not have acid reflux caused by a hiatal hernia. Addressing this condition prior to surgery ensures a smoother recovery process.

Management of Chronic Diseases:

Individuals with chronic diseases such as thyroid disorders, Crohn's disease, diabetes, etc., may require additional testing before arriving in Turkey. This precaution ensures a comprehensive understanding of the patient's health status.

History of Surgeries:

A history of previous surgeries may be a consideration, and in some cases, could impact eligibility. The Bariatric Team assesses the patient's surgical history to make informed decisions.

Current or Past Diseases:

Existing or past diseases may require a letter of eligibility from the patient's doctor or necessitate additional consultations after arriving in Turkey. This thorough evaluation ensures that the patient's health is carefully considered before proceeding with the surgery.

For individuals seeking additional information or to determine their eligibility for Gastric Sleeve, our dedicated Patient Coordinators are readily available to provide guidance and answer any questions.

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Transfer from the hospital to the hotel.
Transfer from the hotel to the airport.
Total seven days;
3 Days Hospital Nights
4 Days Hotel Nights
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DrKaman Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey.

DrKaman Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey.

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