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Type 2 Diabetes


7 Days

Hospital Staying
3 Days

Operation Duration
1-2 Hours

General Anesthesia

Recovery Duration
1 Weeks - 1 Month

Follow Up
7 Days

What is Diabetes (Type-2 Diabetes)?

Type-2 Diabetes is a lifelong disease that causes a person’s blood glucose level to be well above normal values. The development of diabetes is a long process. Some symptoms may not be clear in the initial stage of the disease. The incidence of diabetes with a high prevalence in the community reaches up to 90%. Type-2 diabetes is usually seen in overweight and middle-aged people. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits are vital for the prevention of diabetes.


Sensation of thirst

Frequent urination at night

The feeling of excessive tiredness or fatigue

Unexplained weight loss and muscle wasting

Genital itching or frequent thrush.

Slow healing of cuts and wounds

Visual impairment

What is the Difference Between Type-1 And Type-2 Diabetes?

There are two types of diabetes, Type-1 and Type-2. Type-2 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin to function properly, or when the body cells do not respond to insulin. The prevalence of Type-2 diabetes is much higher than Type-1 diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, the body does not produce insulin hormones. In Turkey, approximately 90% of adults have Type-2 diabetes. Type-1 diabetes usually occurs in adolescence and before the age of 40, and the onset of Type-2 diabetes is usually seen in later ages.

What Happens If Diabetes Is Not Treated (Type-2 Diabetes)? How Does It Progress?
Preventing organ damage needs to be taken into consideration in the treatment of Type-2 diabetes. Generally, adequate blood sugar regulation cannot be achieved in conventional treatment methods. The risk of organ loss increases with diabetes over the years. Diabetes affects the organs by damaging the vessel walls. The position of the damaged vessels varies in each individual. In general, damage to the heart, nervous system, kidneys, eyes, and peripheral nerves occur and sexual problems (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation) begin to emerge. If diabetes is not treated, it may cause other organs to lose their function.
The main point in the operational decision-making process is that diabetes is not corresponding to the conventional methods. After discussing this issue with our doctor, the decision of surgery can be given as a result of the examinations and analysis.

Can Type-2 Diabetes Be Treated With Surgery?
Yes, it can be treated. With newly developed surgical techniques and technologies, we can say this is possible. It is called Metabolic Surgery, namely Diabetes Surgery. This method, which is preferred in cases that desired results cannot be achieved by classical methods, is a surgical operation performed by a closed method to the stomach and intestines. Surgery usually takes 45 minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of Surgery?
The vast majority of patients treated with this treatment do not need to use drugs and insulin for at least 10 years.
It also prevents organ damage.
It enables the person to reach the ideal weight ratio.
Improves the comfort of life.
Eliminates problems such as hypertension and high cholesterol.
After the operation, the need for abstinence disappears.

Step by Step Operation Process


If you have several questions about Type-2 Diabetes surgery, you can easily contact our patient representative at any time by contact:

2-Welcome & Transfer 

After your flight, you have arrived at Istanbul New Airport. When you get off your plane, our driver will greet you and bring you to the hospital in our VIP transfer vehicle. Our hospital is 45 minutes away from the airport.

What is Diabetes (Type-2 Diabetes)?

3-Hospital Procedure

Once your hospitalization procedures are completed, we will complete your various examinations related to the Type-2 Diabetes surgery in this step.

Our nurses get information from patients so that we learn about their clinical background. Then we run some important tests such as chest X-Ray, EKG and blood tests. After your check-ups are completed and you have met with your Op. Dr. İsa Kaman and anesthetist, you are now ready for a Type-2 Diabetes surgery.

4- Compression Therapy

Our patients receive compression therapy one day before the surgery. The aim of the therapy is to prevent thrombosis in their legs for 12 hours prior to surgery. Also our patients do breathing exercises with triflows.

5-Endoscopy Application

One hour before the surgery, we give antibiotics to our patients. Afterwards, we take them to the endoscopy room. If our surgeon doesn’t detect any pathologies during endoscopy, we take our patients directly to the operation room.

6-Surgery Procedure

The big moment has come! Surgeries usually take about one hour or one and half hours, depending on the type of surgery. Gastric bypass surgery and transit bipartition can take a bit longer. After Sleeve Gastrectomy surgeries, we always place a drain. Drain helps us with leak tests after surgeries.


Your surgery was successful and you were under observation in the hospital for a certain period of time depending on your surgery. We mobilize our patients four hours after the surgery.In the first 24 hours, patients do not eat and drink anything because we want to minimize acute leaks. After 24 hours, we perform the leak test with a blue liquid. If there is no blue liquid in the drain that means the leak test is negative. Afterwards, patients can drink water, juice and soup.

8-Staying At the Hotel

Our patients stay in the hospital for three days after the surgery. And then, after the examination, our patients go to our hotels. Our doktor make visit every day. Our translators attend visits together with our doctors. Als our patients reach our patient coordinators 7/24.

● An overtaking date is determined (recommended during the week and in the evening).

● Formation of a patient document.


Day 1:

● Meet & Greet of the patient by a English, German, Bulgarian, Romanian, Italian or

Spanish speaking assistant and accommodating the patient in a Hospital.

● Consultation with the doctor.

● Carrying out all the necessary tests in the hospital (EKG, tomography of the lungs,

blood tests, foot massage).

Day 2:

● Visitation of anesthesiologist and doctor for sleeve surgery.

● Transfer to the operating room with full anesthesia (3 hours, 1 hour of sleep and

endoscopy of the stomach, 1 hour of surgery, 1 hour of waking up the patient).

● Arrival to the room and control of the medical staff.

● The patient is under observation and 4 hours after the operation, the patient is ready

for mobilization (walking in the corridor of the hospital).

● 3 nights in the hospital under the full supervision of the medical staff.

● It is forbidden to consume and drink water for 24 hours.

Day 3:

● Morning visitation of the doctor and the medical staff.

● Test with blue water (for possible omissions).

● Switching to liquid food consumption.

● Vistitation of doctor and the medical staff.

Day 4:

● Morning visit of a medical staff (change of bandages and control).

● Free day for walking.

● Visitation of doctor and the medical staff.

Day 5:

● Morning visit of a medical staff (change of bandages and control).

● Morning visit of the doctor and the medical team (change of bandages and withdrawal

of the drain from the patient.

● Issuance of the patient's epicrisis and discharge from the hospital.

●  Accommodation in a hotel, delivery of medicines and training for a 1-month diet.

Day 6:

● Morning visit of a medical staff (change of bandages and control).

Day 7:

● Control examination by the doctor and the medical staff.

● Return of the patient to the country and control via Internet connection.

Services Included Price
Transfer from the airport to the hospital.
Transfer from the hospital to the hotel.
Transfer from the hotel to the airport.
Total seven days;
3 Days Hospital Nights
4 Days Hotel Nights
You can bring your partner with you it is included in the package


All Medication

Hotel Booking & Accommodation

Translation Services

Vip Transfer

Online Free Consultation

Pre-operative tests, Check Ups and Multivitamins

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DrKaman Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for  Type-2 Diabetes  in Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey.

DrKaman Clinic arranges every detail carefully for their patients and offers very affordable, all-inclusive treatment packages for Type 2 Diabetes in Turkey; you just need to buy your flight tickets and enjoy your time here in Turkey.

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